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Walking the Northumberland Coast PathThe

Northumberland Coast Route

is a specified road that operates the whole stretch of Northumberland's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Coast Path is split into 6 manageable strolls, that could be walked in one day. The path is clearly signposted and well-maintained, it is mostly level, with periodic inclines and loads of locations to end for a rest and a bite to consume along each stage. The County Council have actually recently been working to replace all the action over stiles with gates in order to enhance availability.

Northumberland's shoreline is in fact stunning. There's absolutely no various other term because of it, the Coast route offers a few of the most dazzling seaside walking in Europe, plus in my estimation, the entire world. You'll find an excellent blend of sandy shores, dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, ancient castles, fishing villages and an amazing number of wildlife. You will also discover Northumbrian people you may meet as you go along becoming friendly and hospitable, something we are fabled for.

I have developed interactive maps for every single associated with the six phases to explore. Each one of these features photographs and places of interest marked, alongside suggested stop-off points for refreshments. Addititionally there is helpful tips Book created by the County Council to come with a walk across the Coast route and certainly will be bought on

their website

Choose a stage below to start out exploring the Northumberland Coast route:

Each stage showcases a different and interesting aspect of the Northumberland Coast and every has actually it's very own merits. But my favourites are phases two, three and four. I'm they will have the widest variety of natural beauty, wildlife not to mention you cannot forget Northumberland's stunning Castles you will experience as you go along.

There are numerous various other circular seaside hiking paths that begin at various points along our coastline including Alnmouth, Craster, Low Newton, Bamburgh and Holy Island. I am adding additional information about these routes soon.

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