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Vikings raid on Lindisfarne for Kids

In 793, 'Northmen' (since the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle calls them) attacked the Christian monastery at Lindisfarne in Northumbria, in north-east The united kingdomt. Northumbria had been an English kingdom, and its monasteries were famous for books, art and treasures. On a January day, the longships arrived and the Vikings attacked. They burned structures, stole treasures, murdered monks, and terrified everyone. Some Christian Church frontrunners stated the Vikings were sent by God, to penalize people in England for doing incorrect.

Just how Vikings attacked

The Vikings did not send many ships on their first raids. They made surprise assaults on lonely locations, like Lindisfarne. They understood they'd not need to combat a huge English military. English kings had been also hectic battling the other person to participate forces from the Vikings. There was no English navy to shield the coasts, so that it ended up being possible for Vikings to secure on a beach or sail up a river. After raiding a monastery, the ships sailed residence packed with treasures and captives.

Viking weapons

The Vikings fought utilizing lengthy swords and axes. A great blade had been passed from parent to son, but Vikings in addition buried weapons using their owner as he died. Wood rots and steel rusts away after 1000 years or maybe more within the floor, but some stays show exactly what the tools had been like.Vikings did not wear much armour, though some chieftains wore post coats. Most relied on a round wooden guard for security. On the minds, they wore helmets made of fabric or metal. A Viking saying had been, 'Never leave your tools behind when you attend operate in the industries - you will need them'.

Viking armies

In AD 865, a 'Great Army' of Vikings invaded England. The army stayed in The united kingdomt for 14 years, fighting the English leaders. In AD 866 Vikings captured York. They captured King Edmund of East Anglia and shot him dead with arrows.

In AD 892, 300 Viking ships invaded to battle King Alfred of Wessex. No body understands what size the Viking armies were. If there have been 20 guys in each ship, the army of AD 892 numbered 6, 000! Which was a large military the time. Most Viking armies were most likely smaller - possibly 1, 000 to 2, 000 men.

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