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Bamburgh Castle history Timeline

tryThe conflicts for the Roses had been battled between the Royal dynasties labeled as Lancaster and York and have nothing at all to do with rivalry between the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. The weak and outrageous Henry VI was challenged and beaten by the 'Yorkist' Edward, who had been victorious at Towton near York in 1461. Henry VI along with his Queen, Margaret, were exiled and though Margaret was able to capture Alnwick, Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh Castle she destroyed three battles in Northumberland. The woman only hope arrived when the energy ful Richard Neville of Middleham turned his allegiance on Lancastrians but the Yorkists remained in energy until the reign of Henry Tudor in 1485.

1460 December 21 - FIGHT OF WAKEFIELD (Near Wakefield)

Richard, Duke of York, is defeated and killed by Lancastrian forces near Wakefield. He takes refuge in nearby Sandal palace but is killed as he finally emerges. Yorkist help will now concentrate on Richard's son Edward.

The head of Richard, Duke of York, is shown on Micklegate club, with a report top as an indication of mockery.

Yorkists are victorious in a heavy snowstorm within Battle of Towton. Edward of York is crowned Edward IV. Lancastrian supporter Earl Henry Percy is the type of killed. The Lancastrian castle at Alnwick is obtained by John Neville, cousin of Warwick.

After a long siege, Margaret of Anjou, queen regarding the deposed Henry IV, captures Bamburgh and Alnwick Castle aided by the support associated with French and Scots.

copyright Richard Neville of Middleham Castle besieges the Lancastrians in Alnwick Castle until they in the course of time retreat despite their Scottish reinforcements.

1464 April 25- FIGHT AT HEDGELEY MOOR (Northumberland)

A Roses struggle occurs at Hedgeley Moor near Wooler. The Yorkist John Neville is assaulted by Lancastrians whom feature Ralph Percy and Sir Ralph gray. Neville is victorious.

Second War of this Roses struggle at Hexham. The Lancastrians under Margaret tend to be defeated again by Neville.

John Neville, Lord Montagu, is appointed as Earl of Northumberland.

James III of Scotland retreats from Norham- on- Tweed after the arrival of John Neville and Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick. James had invaded England to support the Lancastrians.

1465 - HENRY CAPTURED (Lancashire)

Exiled King Henry IV is captured at Clitheroe because of the Yorkists.

1465 - LATER KING LIVES IN WENSLEYDALE (Middleham Castle, Wensleydale)

Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), lives at Middleham Castle. This is the residence of Richard Neville who's referred to as "Warwick the Kingmaker". Richard's cousin George has just already been appointed Archbishop of York.


Richard Neville sheds with Edward IV over international policy and switches towards the Lancastrian part. The king dismisses Richard's sibling George Neville as Archbishop of York.

1469 August - EDWARD IV IMPRISONED (Middleham, Wensleydale)

The master is imprisoned at Middleham Castle by Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick. He had been grabbed by Richard's sibling George, the former Archbishop, in Northamptonshire. In September, Edward is believed to own escaped from captivity but he may have be en introduced by Richard Neville.


Richard "the Kingmaker" Neville is killed battling King Edward IV on Battle of Barnet. The former King Henry VI is killed during imprisonment within the Tower of London.


Edward IV dies and it is been successful by his child Edward V. The young Edward is not crowned it is imprisoned within the Tower of London by Richard, Duke of Gloucester, whom himself gets control of the throne as Richard III. Both princes should never be seen again.

Richard III's just boy dies at Middleham.

Richard III features set-up a northern council at Sandal under their nephew John de los angeles Pole, the Earl of Lincoln.

Richard III is killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field therefore the victorious Welshman Henry Tywdr (Tudor) is crowned Henry VII, King of The united kingdomt .

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