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Bamburgh Castle is a grand construction which looms large upon a crag overlooking the shore of Northumberland. It looks like everything one could anticipate associated with the former home for the leaders of Northumbria, although the castle which at this time stands is really relatively youthful.

Your website upon which Bamburgh Castle is based is initially proven to happen occupied by an old tribe referred to as Votadini in circa 800 BC, however the first mention of Bamburgh Castle it self goes to around 547 AD. At this time, the Anglo Saxons invaded and grabbed it. There they set up their particular capital, Din Guayrdi and built the first stronghold, your website in which their particular kings would live.

In 993 advertising, this incarnation of Bamburgh Castle ended up being destroyed because of the Vikings and this was later on changed by a castle-built by the Normans. In twelfth century, King Henry II possessed the land, in which he built a keep. Staying chapters of this medieval construction can certainly still be viewed today, they being the oldest components of the existing Bamburgh Castle. But the majority of Henry II’s work had not been kept to stand for long.

During the Wars for the Roses, Bamburgh Castle ended up being assaulted by Edward VI and severely damaged by what was then your latest weaponry. Thereafter, Bamburgh Castle passed hands several times, lying mostly derelict. It absolutely was only in with regards to was sold to industrialist Lord Armstrong in 1894 that Bamburgh Castle we come across these days started taking form.

Armstrong restored Bamburgh Castle therefore continues to be in the hands of their household these days. It is now open to people and displays a number of historic items.


NAME: Bamburgh Castle


Alt Identify: -

Country: United Kingdom

Date: 1100AD - 1199AD

City/Town: Bamburgh

Figure: Henry II of The United Kingdomt

Resorts: Bamburgh, Newcastle-upon-tyne,


RULED BY Emperor : - King : - Prince : - Duke : - Lord : -

In the same way empires rise and fall so do entry costs and opening hours! Although we are hard as we can to guarantee the information supplied here about Bamburgh Castle can be accurate possible, the changing nature of specific elements indicate we can not definitely guarantee that these details won't become a thing of the past. If you know of every information about this site that requires updating you can add a comment above or email united states.

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