Seahouses Golf Club golf

Seahouses Golf Club

HOLE 1 - Par 3: 155 yds - difficult raised green going to, with a pitch in front and deep bunkers safeguarding left and right.

HOLE 2 - Par 5: 470 yds - This smaller Par 5 has bunkers to capture the longer drive, and a little lender to recapture the quick drive. Out of bounds awaits a lengthy wayward method.

HOLE 3 - Par 3: 186 yds - Long Par 3 with bunker front side left, burn into back and a mound front right of green

HOLE 4 - Par 4: 383 yds - Trouble left associated with the tee, woth two ponds and a burn awaiting wayward tee and strategy shots.

HOLE 5 - Par 4: 429 yds - Long Par 4 with OOB entirely down the right. Pomd regarding the remaining catch much longer drives. Another pond down the suitable for bad approach shots.

HOLE 6 - Par 3: 166 yds - Shorter Par 3 with liquid to the left and backside regarding the green. Typical dimensions mound front right.

HOLE 7 - Par 4: 372 yds - like 4th, this Par 4 stocks the exact same hazards. Water on left. Discover a mound on the right of this fairway around 190 yds through the green.

HOLE 8 - Par 4: 328 yds - a really short par 4 BUT!! OOB all down the left, copse from the right, and bunkers sitting inside fairway and also by the green

HOLE 9 - Par 4: 383 yds - This par 4 has OOB along the left and a deep fairway bunker at operating distance. Bunkers additionally short of and around the green

HOLE 10 - Par 3: 165 yds - liquid completely (OOB) involving the tee and green. Green slopes back-to-front. Hit the water, you have to reload

HOLE 11 - Par 4: 376 yds - straighforward Par 4 with two bunkers in front left and right regarding the green. An over intense approach could secure inside North-Sea.

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