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Newcastle to Holy Island

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Holy Island is divided from mainland by a causeway which can simply be entered as soon as the tide is going so that your options would be influenced by the times during the the wave regarding dates you can easily travel.

It isn't a really effortless trip by trains and buses. The quantity 505 coach from Newcastle to Berwick passes along the primary road within about 5 miles of Holy Island however they are infrequent plus it takes a number of years. You need to change to another coach to perform the crossing.

It will make your way two times a day but only on times once the wave times are favourable. The occasions are different on various dates due to the wave.

The very best technique is probably to simply take a train from Newcastle to Berwick after that get the Perryman's coach from Berwick place to Holy Island. The train service is regular and takes 45 moments. For train times see

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