Holy Isle of Lindisfarne

Isle of Lindisfarne

  • Aethelweald
  • Aedilauld
  • Ethilwald
  • Ethelwold


Leather worker and bookbinder. Monk. Assistant to Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne. Prior and abbot of Old Melrose monastery in Scotland. Bishop at Lindisfarne in 721. Commissioned the famous Lindisfarne Book of Gospels, now within the British Museum, and made its jewel-encrusted fabric cover, now lost. Composed the Hymnal of Ethelwald.



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Just how Ethelwald, successor to Cuthbert, leading a hermit’s life, calmed a tempest by his prayers if the brethren had been in peril at sea. [687-699 A.D.] The venerable Ethewald succeeded the guy of Jesus, Cuthbert, in workout of an individual life, which he invested within the isle of Fame before he became a bishop. After he had received the priesthood, he consecrated their office by deeds worthy of that level for many years in monastery which is called Inhrypum. Into the end that his quality and manner of life may be the even more truly made understood, i'll link one wonder of their, that has been explained by one of many brothers for as well as on whom the exact same ended up being wrought; to wit, Guthfrid, the venerable servant and priest of Christ, who also, after ward, as abbot, presided throughout the brethren of the identical chapel of Lindisfarne, for which he was educated. “I emerged, ” says he, “to the area of Fame, with two other individuals of this brethren, desiring to speak with the most reverend father, Ethelwald. Having been refreshed along with his discourse, and requested their true blessing, as we had been going back house, behold on an abrupt, as soon as we were in the middle of the sea, the fair-weather for which we were cruising, had been damaged, and there arose so great and awful a tempest, that neither sails nor oars had been of any used to united states, nor had we almost anything to expect but demise. After very long struggling with the wind and waves to no impact, finally we looked back into see whether or not it ended up being possible at all about to go back towards island whence we arrived, but we found that we were on all edges alike cut off because of the storm, which there is no hope of escape by our very own attempts. But searching further, we perceived, from the island of Fame, our father Ethelwald, beloved of Jesus, leave their escape to look at our program; for, reading the noise for the tempest and raging ocean, he previously come forth to see what would be of us. As he beheld us in stress and despair, he bowed his legs to your daddy of your Lord Jesus Christ, in prayer for our life and security; so when he finished their prayer, he calmed the inflammation liquid, such sort the fierceness of the storm stopped on all edges, and fair winds went to united states over a smooth water to your very shore. Once We had landed, along with pulled up our little vessel from the waves, the violent storm, which had ceased a few days for the benefit, presently returned, and raged furiously through the entire time; so that it clearly appeared your brief interval of calm was in fact awarded by Paradise in answer to the prayers associated with man of Jesus, into the end that we might escape.” The Person of God remained within the isle of Fame twelve years, and passed away indeed there; but was hidden in church for the endowed Apostle Peter, within the isle of Lindisfarne, next to the figures associated with the aforesaid bishops.’ These things occurred when you look at the times of King Aldfrid, whom, after his brother Egfrid, ruled the world associated with Northumbrians for nineteen years. – from Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of England, because of the Venerable Bede

We beseech Thee, Lord, available Thy heavens, start our eyes; may Thy gifts descend to us; may our hearts look to Thee. May Thy throne be set open to us, although we have the advantages which we implore; may our head be laid ready to accept Thee, while we render the solution which is enjoined to united states. Look down from Heaven, O Lord, behold and see this vine which Thy right hand hath planted. Fortify the weak, relieve the contrite, confirm the powerful. Develop all of them up crazy, clean them with purity, enlighten them with knowledge, have them with mercy. Lord Jesus, great Shepherd, whom set straight down Thy life when it comes to sheep, defend the acquisition of Thy bloodstream. Feed the hungry, give drink toward thirsty, search for the lost, convert the wandering, bind up what is broken. Supply Thine own hand from Heaven, and touch the head of every one here. May they feel the touch of Thy hand, and have the delight of this Holy Spirit, they may remain gifted for evermore. Amen.

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