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Lindisfarne Association

n 1972, Thompson founded the Lindisfarne Association as a substitute technique the humanities to build up in a clinical and technical civilization. Lindisfarne became a link of boffins, musicians and artists, scholars, and contemplatives devoted to the research and understanding of a fresh planetary culture. Lindisfarne started its activities in Southampton, New York in 1973, moved to Manhattan in 1976, and, finally, to Crestone, Colorado in 1979 where today the Lindisfarne Fellows home, the Lindisfarne Chapel, and the Lindisfarne Mountain Retreat are under the ownership and management of the Crestone hill Zen Center. In 1997, Thompson retired through the presidency associated with the Lindisfarne Association; during 2009 the Lindisfarne Association disbanded as a formal not-for-profit organization. The Lindisfarne Fellows carried on their fellowship as a friendly organization of innovative people contemplating each other's work and held a yearly conference at varying areas from 2009 to 2012.

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