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Where is Lindisfarne Island?

The Holy Island Parish Council is a group of five local people chosen every four years as community frontrunners to portray the views, opinions and passions of residents living in the parish. This is the first level of municipality. The Chairman is elected yearly by the councillors which work voluntarily, however the Clerk is purchased his work (usually between 5 and 10 hours every month) and provides all the administrative assistance needed.
Council meetings, that the public may attend, are held four times per year and extra conferences take place as required. The County Councillor the Norham and Islandshires ward generally attends the group meetings to report on things interesting and also to liaise with all the Northumberland County Council on our account.
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The Parish Council is a statutory regional expert with its own right having numerous capabilities and duties conferred by many people statutes. It undertakes a vital role in the municipality system. The Parish Council works closely because of the Northumberland County Council and other figures so that the requirements of this Parish and its particular residents are not ignored.
Shortly the Council's role can be defined as follows:
  • The power of decision relative to statutory features and tasks.
  • Revealing views about preparing problems and assessment papers both in your area and countywide.
  • Using the lead on issues affecting the interests of this location, eg. highways and parking, footpaths, basic maintenance, woods, etc.
  • The energy to boost a precept through the regional residents and then make economic decisions that'll gain town. The precept is gathered with all the Council Tax because of the County Council. The Council's earnings and spending is quite closely supervised as well as the records tend to be audited yearly by separate auditors.
The Parish Council is represented from the various neighborhood teams: "The Holy Island of Lindisfarne Community developing Trust", The Holy Island Village Hall Committee", "The Holy Island Partnership" together with "Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership".

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