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Vikings in Lindisfarne

Image of Lindisfarne IsleAlcuin ended up being a scholar and monk living in Germany, who, as he heard the headlines for the raid on Lindisfarne, blogged very long letters on Northumbrian master also to the Bishop of Lindisfarne. During these he commiserates making use of their plight and blames it from the sinful everyday lives of these folks. 'Consider carefully, brothers, and examine diligently, lest perchance this unaccustomed and unheard-of evil had been merited by some unheard-of bad rehearse… Consider the dress, the way of wearing the hair, the luxurious practices of princes and folks.' Letter from Alcuin to Ethelred, King of Northumbria

'It ended up being unthinkable that these types of a holy location should endure assault from foreign heathens.'

The raid of 793 had been the first recorded Viking raid on Britain, and Alcuin's words show the scary of his Christian world at the ferocity of pagan raiders, whoever assault ended up being abrupt, unanticipated and damaging.

It was impossible that such a holy spot should endure assault from foreign heathens, that its monks is slaughtered and its particular treasures taken. Yet this was to take place over and over repeatedly to other monasteries throughout The united kingdomt, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Alcuin's letters are simply one piece of historic proof for Viking assaults. Various other raids had been taped in the annals held in monasteries at Iona and in Ireland - an entry for 794 when you look at the 'Annals of Ulster' tells of '... devastation of all of the countries of Britain' - while Columba's famous monastery on the Scottish island of Iona had been pillaged listed here year, and again in 802, in 806 plus in 825. Nowhere ended up being safe through the Vikings.

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