Dice at Bamburgh Castle beach

Bamburgh Castle beach

The Bamburgh Castle mystery wreck features revealed one more clue on its identification. Dendrochronology evaluation has given a felling day, a terminus post quem for if this ship will need to have been built (download the reports using this web page for lots more details including feasible links toward castle it self.)

A complete of 15 examples were gotten for tree ring internet dating and wood species identification from a shipwreck. Sadly no sapwood endures with this sample so the external band of 1758 gives the terminus post quem. Based on the samples taken, the ship’s building is characterised by the use of fast grown, low-quality (ie frequently knotty) pine woods suggesting the timber used wasn't traded from overseas. Using different species for certain functions is indicated by using Larch (Larix spp.) the mast and Elm (Ulmus spp.) for a pump structure. Should more timbers become subjected, sampling for tree ring evaluation could enhance the minimal information obtained through the single dated wood.

a rarely seen part of an unidentified wreck inside the intertidal area of Bamburgh Castle seashore had been reported to MAST by Steve Brown, a PADI fundamental Archaeological Diver (BAD) Instructor and neighborhood historian. After talking to English Heritage we decided that had been undoubtedly an unrecorded web site and sent a group to conduct a preliminary study, making use of a spring reasonable tide which allowed for 3 hours of work. The initial survey, discussed under, noted most of the crucial measurements and visible features and gathered some 200 pictures of this web site. The review ended up being performed by three individuals, Kevin Stratford (MAST), Jessica Berry (MAST) and Steve Brown (regional citizen and interested party).

The website is based on the intertidal zone on Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland on the north-east coastline of England. The beach consists of sand this is certainly well compacted, potentially providing a level of preservation. The site only appears at particular durations associated with the wave about one hour either side of low water slack. Your website it self sits within a unique scour which, combined with the tidal problems, means it would likely never ever entirely dry.

It seems to retain the uncovered remains of port side of a wooden cruising vessel lying on its starboard side along with its stern inshore. The size of the revealed product is 22.5m and also the width associated with subjected material is 5m.

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