The Lindisfarne Gospels

Cross page Lindisfarne Gospels

ade up of greater than 250 leaves of top-notch vellum, (in other words. calf skin), the manuscript contains the texts regarding the Four Gospels, in Latin, with proper basic product, including a couple of Canon Tables.

Third Canon Table

Final Canon Dining Table
word by-word interpretation into Old English, (Anglo-Saxon), ended up being included between the outlines during third quarter of this tenth century by a priest named Aldred, a while later Provost of Chester-le-Street, providing us, furthermore, the first surviving form of the gospels in any form of the English language.
he rich design associated with book is done in a wide range of colours drawn from animal, veggie and mineral sources, several of which were brought in over vast distances.
Anglo-Saxon writing implements.
Fifteen elaborate fully embellished pages tend to be supplemented by a few reduced embellished initials and sixteen pages of canon dining table arcades.
Each Gospel is distinguished by a picture associated with proper evangelist, followed by a 'cross carpeting' page of pure design and a major initial web page.

Evangelist St.Luke with
his expression of a winged
calf carrying a novel.

St. Luke's cross carpeting web page.

Significant decorated initial
web page in the beginning
of St. Luke's Gospel.

We have been indebted toward belated Janet Backhouse which provided the text for our Gospel webpage and gave
permission to use the pictures in her own guide "The Lindisfarne Gospels" published in connection
because of the Brit Library by Phaidon, Oxford - ISBN 0 7148 2148 9.

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