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Looking at the lens: Geoff Chrisp, 58, ended up being appreciating on a daily basis out on the Northumberland coast together with his partner when they came across 100 seals regarding the shore - and he lifted his camera to take an attempt aided by the iconic Lindisfarne Castle in the back ground

Pod life: Mr Chrisp from Hexham stated he'd been out with buddies who had previously been to Ross Sands in Northumberland before, and there have been 'a large amount of seals had been bobbing due to their heads out from the liquid'

Seals on coastline: Mr Chrisp, that has rejected accusations that their photo of seals with their heads away was a phony, stated there have been only one or two seals inside liquid whenever their buddies were in your community prior to, 'so it had been a real shock to see numerous'

Some critics on social media have advertised the image ended up being digitally changed, but Mr Chrisp strenuously denies this.

The 58-year-old from Hexham said: ‘We had been completely with a few friends who had been to Ross Sands before.

‘whenever we got truth be told there, most seals had been bobbing due to their heads out from the liquid.

‘They were all searching my means and I also pressed the shutter of this digital camera at the correct time. I acquired a fantastic chance.

Snaps: Mr Chrisp is a 58-year-old amateur professional photographer

‘I got outstanding shot. I’d say there were about 100 completely and about 50 of them had been in the ocean.

‘They were extremely curious and looking our way. I think they certainly were only truly interested in learning the folks walking along the beach.

‘We were simply astonished at what number of there have been.

‘When my buddies have there been before, there were just one or two within the liquid, therefore it had been an actual shock to see countless.’

However, social media users are actually debating whether the photo is real or artificial.

One observer, Graeme Donnelly, reported: ‘In the image regarding the water, the horizon appears like it must be loads greater than it really is inside picture associated with the palace. Definitely three images combined.’

Angela Burn said: ‘Photoshop ended up being my first idea too... the greatest and biggest seal precisely in the middle and a 3rd upwards, perfect position... as well as the others surrounding it like this. If it’s real, it's a great photo.’

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