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north lights in rural locationIf seeing the Northern Lights are at the top your container record, you are amazed to discover that with a little luck, you can see them here in great britain. Determine in which so when to look at great Aurora Borealis without making house, plus get tips about how to increase your odds of bagging a front row chair to the best program on the planet.

Nation Area
Scottish Highlands


Cairngorm Mountains

Isle of Skye

Orkney Islands

The Lake District





Rathlin Island

Brecon Beacons

The Highlands, Scotland

It’s the lack of light pollution which makes the Scottish highlands these types of a fantastic location to observe the Northern Lights, with green, white and pink becoming the most commonly seen colors. North Scotland in addition lies in the same latitude as Stavenger in Norway and Nunivak Island in Alaska – two of associated with Aurora Borealis. But in which in the Highlands if you go? Decide to try Aberdeenshire together with Moray Coast, together with the Cairngorm mountains and Galloway woodland Park – the only real black Sky Park in Scotland. Fancy forward line seating because of this awe-inspiring light tv show? The is a vintage Scottish fortress, perched perilously near to the coastline, that also is actually a five-star hotel. If you are an admirer of nature's many stunning places, you will love our help guide to .

Rainbow-hued Northern Lights

The Scottish Isles

The vast expanses of water and complete decreased light air pollution signify the north Lights are spotted frequently from Scotland's most remote countries during the winter months. The tiny islands of Lewis and Harris together with northern tip associated with the Isle of Skye tend to be both great choices, while intrepid explorers also needs to start thinking about looking into the Orkney isles. The Brough of Birsay - a tiny area connected by causeway to Orkney's mainland – is yet another of Scotland’s darkest spots. When it comes to finding a bed for the night, we advice the in Kirkwall - it is simply two miles through the airport. Fancy exploring a lot more of the Scottish Isles? Feast your eyes on our wanderlust-inducing .

The Lake District

2016 saw breathtaking sightings of the Northern Lights on the Lake District, using most readily useful sightings becoming reported by stargazers in Derwent liquid near Keswick, which was a magnet for aurora fans for a long time. The Lake District additionally makes the record due to the huge expanses of liquid, and in case you are an snapper, a photo for the lights reflected in one of the location's huge lakes will really propel you to Attenborough-esque fame.


Northumberland is among the best places in the united kingdom to appreciate the north Lights – in September these were plainly visible in rural places surrounding the city of Berwick-on-Tweed plus March they showed up over Kielder Water and Forest Park. This area of the British has got the darkest heavens in England, as well as on a definite evening, you can see countless stars, the Milky Method and also the Andromeda Galaxy (2.5 million light-years away) utilizing the naked-eye.

north lights over snow

The south-west of England

While you’re unlikely to look at north Lights from south England’s bigger cities, head into the country side and also you might hit it happy. During the early 2016 Oxfordshire strike the headlines when it comes to unprecedented shows of purple and silver which starred in the county's starry heavens, and elements of Cornwall even got in regarding activity, also. Other hot-spots feature Exmoor nationwide Park in North Devon, or perhaps the stretch associated with the Cornish coast near St Agnes. Find out where you should stay in Cornwall to discover the best potential for Aurora Borealis spotting with .

Northern Ireland

In the event that you believed the large's Causeway was remarkable sufficient, try seeing these ancient volcanic stones bathed in solar light. The Antrim shore could be the perfect location to look at north Lights, by way of a northerly horizon interrupted just by coastal fortresses and a wild, rugged beauty which doubles once the perfect backdrop for your aurora snaps. Create your base one of the pictresque villages which line the shore - we love Ballycastle, with gorgeous views across to Rathlin Island. Nearby Ballintoy hosts the, one of several cosiest inns in this the main country. Get a hold of much more secluded spots to view the Northern Lights from with .


The north Lights have showed up on the Brecon Beacons many times in recent years, making Wales a certain powerful choice if you are chasing the elusive lights, although sightings are likely to occur during unusual astronomical events. The newest sightings occurred whenever a coronal hole regarding Sun’s surface lead to strong solar power winds, which often generated some really dazzling light shows.

3 crucial suggestions to witnessing the Northern Lights

It's not necessary to be an award-winning astronomer to understand the all-natural earth's biggest light program, but clean up on the basics and your nocturnal findings will show infinitely much more enjoyable.

1. Understand what you’re considering

Understanding what can cause the Northern Lights - just what affects their particular colour, depth and movement - makes watching them infinitely more interesting. What exactly will they be, exactly? “Aurorae tend to be brought on by the relationship associated with Earth’s magnetized area aided by the solar wind - the blast of electrically charged particles emitted because of the sunlight, ” describes Professor Jim Wild, an expert in space physics at Lancaster University. “This solar power wind drags remnants of sun’s magnetic industry down into interplanetary room. With regards to gets to Earth, the magnetic area in solar power wind can couple with the Earth’s own magnetized industry. Ions and electrons are energised by this coupling many, guided by the terrestrial magnetic area, tend to be funnelled down to the magnetic poles. Collisions with atoms when you look at the upper environment cause them to radiate.”

2. Get real time revisions

Lancaster University operates a web page known as, which provides real time notifications when there will be significant degrees of geomagnetic activity, therefore, a high probability of spying the Lights in the UK. Dr Stuart Littlefair, a senior lecturer in astrophysics at University of Sheffield claims:

“There are several excellent smartphone applications that will notify you to great watching opportunities, like Aurora Pro.”

3. Recall the rules

Anywhere pay a visit to spot the north Lights, there are a few basic principles to bear in mind. In the first place, always ensure that you can clearly start to see the northern horizon. “Even once the Aurora are at their particular best they normally are still far north (directly over Norway and Sweden), " explains Dr Littlefair, who in addition advises:

“For the most effective possibility of witnessing all of them through the UK, you intend to be as far north as you are able to be, really far from light air pollution so that the skies tend to be dark, along with a clear view of the north horizon."

close-up of night sky north lights over woodland

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