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Special places to stay Northumberland

England's northeastern border country is an evocative land of mighty castles and majestic shore, backed by a rolling National Park landscape plus the darkest skies into the north. Record is sold with a capital H in Northumberland, as some of the popular sights in the united kingdom tend to be concentrated within the 60-odd miles between Newcastle-upon-Tyne together with border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Roman troops when patrolled the frontier of these kingdom and left stunning Hadrian's Wall as a reminder of their power. The Vikings later on plundered Holy Island – or Lindisfarne – while the Normans built formidable fortresses to combine their particular power during these northern lands, from Warkworth to Dunstanburgh. Later lords farmed vast estates, mined coal and built stupendous mansions which however dot the landscape.

If it sounds like many stuff to see, there is also significant amounts of solitude available within many sparsely populated element of England. The coast is justly popular, comprising a long sequence of duned sand beaches, picture-perfect harbours and standard fishing villages – it's Cornwall minus the crowds of people, in which you can find your little bit of coastline paradise. Inland, and north of Hadrian's Wall, develops the farmland, moors and woodlands of Northumberland nationwide Park, because of the reservoir, watersports and mountain-biking at Kielder an evident draw. You can find wild hills, crazy views, also crazy cattle – un-tamed England at its most readily useful. A word into wise: it really is Northumberland (the modern-day county in northeastern England) maybe not Northumbria (the old kingdom that when presented sway over a lot of the north), although residents will probably absolve you for recommending which they still inhabit a unique host to myth and power.

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